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AHD, TVI, ccHDtv, and HDCVI see different analog security markets

The 13th Taiwan Security Road Show hosted by Mess Frankfurt New Era attracted nearly 1,000 visitors today.

Among the seminars, one of the most asked keywords are analogy HD solutions — AHD, TVI, ccHDtv, and HDCVI.  Nowadays, 60% of the security market is still using analog systems. What are the available technical solutions for upgrading traditional analog system into HD system?

ccHDtv: digital HD system for high-end market

ITE Tech ,the chipset developer for ccHDtv system, announces that the ccHDtv technology have become matured, with real-case implementation in China, the US, Australia, and Southeast Asia. The advantages of ccHDtv are what the higher-end market demands — least work days required, stable long-range transmission, and 720/1080p HD solution ready. Mostly, it takes only very basic type of the cables for transmission. In other words, cabling can be easy and costs very little.

Eyeing on these advantages, places that have implemented ccHDtv solution include banks, casinos, ancient historical site, and high-end private residential buildings, ect.

'While the price appears higher compared to AHD/TVI solutions in general, ccHDtv at present is targeting on the high-end market in which the clients tend to demand for wide-range surveillance and least interruption caused by construction at the same time.

The up-to-date ccHDtv technology has reached transmission range of 3c/500m, and 5c/1000m, 720p/1080p HD quality, and 16ch DVR, with 32ch DVR coming soon to market.

For system integrators, the ccHDtv products are different from others in terms of market and profits, while AHD/TVI targets to the wider but relatively price-sensitive analog market, according to Jeffrey Lai, Senior Manager of Product Marketing dept. of ITE.

While the technology has become mature, with the releasing of 32CH DVR, there are still challenges for promoting ccHDtv systems. ccHDtv technology is to upgrade analog surveillance system to HD and digital surveillance system. It takes more efforts to introduce the new concept to clients. Meanwhile, ITE now is aggressively planning on increasing ccHDtv device makers. More product choices help in a way persuade clients to adopt ccHDtv system instead of others.

TVI/AHD: broader and price-sensitive market

The U.S. and Korean chip designers release other choices for analogy HD upgrading solutions, AHD and TVI.

TVI is available with both 720/1080p solutions; AHD's 1080P solution has to wait till 2014 Q4.

However, unlike ccHDtv, AHD/TVI targets on a broader analog market where users require quick and easy installations for HD upgrade, but with low cost. The market focus falls much more on the channels rather than the SIs. Between 2015 to 2016, it is forecast that the market growth of AHD/TVI HD solutions will be critical.

For analog system surveillance, HD-SDI is evolving into 1080P@60fps to meet even higher demands, but at the

same time AHD and TVI are rising and expected to become popular choices beside of HDCVI.



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