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Important European border and customs check point was equiped with TVT’s IP surveillance solution


Kapitan Andreevo - one of the important European border check points was equiped with TVTs IP based surveillance solution.The location is known as very crowded truck, bus and car border line. Reliable value-for money CCTV IP solution was one of the main requirements of Bulgarian Government.

The importance of the project is because the border check point is not only European community border, but also it separates chretianity and islam countries.

Bulgarian-Turkey border is under the serious supervision of the EU authorities, because of the political and internal shocks in Syria.

The CCTV project is part of Bulgarian national CCTV total control on the borders.

Mainly, the system will help the authorities to control the traffic, behaviour, order and border area rules.  


RAK LTD.,  the leading surveillance products supplier, also TVT’s official distributor in Bulgarian market, supplied the equipment  for this Kapitan Andreevo project. The project is completely IP based solution

120 units of TVT’s TD9511D -  1.3 Megapixel Network IR-dome camera

80 units of TVT’s TD9411D –1.3 Megapixel Network IR-dome camera

15 units of TVT’s TD-9620 – 2.0 Megapixel Network Speed Dome camera

14 units of TVT’s TD-2816NE-L – 16CH 1080P Network Video Recorder

NVMS1000 --  TVT’s video management software for local monitoring and control  

Cameras, which are mostly installed outside for this bulgarian boarder surveillance case, must be able to withstand very harsh weather condition and capture clear video at night. The TD9511D and TD-9411D, equipped with ICR and weather proof IP66 housing, are ideal choice for such a strict application. Furthermore, the cameras’s WDR function  enable them to get good quality image of the original scene in the high-contrast light environment. The IR illuminators around the lens can reach up to 20meters distance for night vision. The 2 Megapixel TD-9620 Network high speed dome are installed mainly exteriorly safeguarding the boarder by utilizing its  20xoptical zoom and 12x digital zoom.  

The storage system NVR TD-2816NE-L allows to connect 16 IP cameras each unit  and record 1080P/720P image with its 6TB storage capacity. With TVT’s NVMS1000, a video management software that support  1000+ cameras, the whole boarder region is under good watch. 


'We could proudly say that TVT IP devices –camera and NVR successfully passed EU requirements for specification and quality' The project manager of the local installer said . 'The climate on the Balkans area is very extreme- during the summer we have temperatures over + 40 degrees, and during winter nights sometimes the temperature could fall lower than – 25. We are sure, that the system will run non-stop.'



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