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We are a young, passionate, ambitious team! Here, there is no seniority, no company politics, no conformist, but give everyone a fair arena to showcase and promote themselves. We are convinced that each employee only continue to grow, the company will have a sustainable development momentum and cohesion. E-commerce during the upcoming high-speed blowout, we look forward to the summit with the board, as long as you have passion, ideals, ability, please join us, join hands in creating brilliant!
The following are the positions in the recruitment, expect all kinds of talents to join, you can according to their actual situation, choose positions. We welcome your job will be to recommend competent friend.

First, the Web page designer:
Job Responsibilities:
1, in the charge of the station, a variety of off-site advertising image design;
2, with good marketing page design activity;
3, according to the company's operational needs, daily planning and design work.
1, more than 2 years experience in graphic design, web art more than 1 year work experience must have outstanding creative design capabilities, solid art foundation, strong graphic expression;
2, proficient div + css layout style, basic html language, a certain page layout and color matching ability, proficiency dreamweaver page cutting production experience;
3, skilled use of the relevant design software such as photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver, fireworks one to two software;
4, understand the visual web design, known as web design specifications, design work persuasive, it contains the user experience;
5, active and positive attitude, cheerful, good communication skills, have a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit;
6, independent b2c mall, large Taobao website or fashion design work experience is preferred, with digital photography or basic skills preferred.

Second, the graphic designer:
Job Responsibilities:
1, is responsible for a variety of image advertising creative design;
2, responsible for brand product packaging, corporate vi, and other design-related promotional dm;
3, according to the company's operational needs, daily planning and design work.
1, art design graduate, more than 2 years experience in graphic design;
2, master photoshop, illustrator, and other design software;
3, familiar with advertising design, publicity materials design, corporate vi systems, product packaging design, poster design;
4, able to work under pressure, have good communication skills and teamwork, hard-working, strong sense of responsibility;
5, stylish FMCG commercial design work experience is preferred, or digital photography have basic skills preferred.

Third, the product United States Code:
Job Responsibilities:
1, responsible for product description text written with the planned follow-up promotional information related merchandise adjustment;
2, responsible for the company's product website and updated daily maintenance work;
3, regular optimization related merchandise page layout, effect.
1, print design, Chinese, news and other related professional qualifications;
2, more than one year related jobs (such as e-commerce Web site editor, edit information websites, print media editing related products, etc.) work experience;
3, proficiency in photoshop, office, dreamweaver and other software;
4, with active learning and innovation skills, strong work ethic and sense of responsibility, able to work under pressure;
5, b2c Mall, Taobao shop fashion commodities or editing experience is preferred, or digital photography have basic skills preferred.

Fourth, network promotion
Job Responsibilities:
1, the use of network resources, for the promotion of websites, using forums, microblogging, community, blog, seo optimization, link exchange to promote the availability of the network;
2, the station is responsible for the daily management of the forum, blog and other foreign communities and promote content and page updates, forum posting propaganda in a series of work;
3, to promote the development planning program can be a good marketing campaign to promote the sector.
1, with more than a year to promote the network, e-commerce marketing experience, familiar with various communities and other interactive website operations;
3. A major event planning experience, the site co-planning experience, and can be effect analysis;
6. clear thinking, innovative, have good analytical skills and writing skills writing;
4, there is a certain degree of organizational ability rational analysis of the data, and uses web analytics tools have seo experience is preferred.

Fifth, site planning
Job Responsibilities:
1. Participation and wrote promotional activities and web site website promotion cooperation programs;
2. The program will be translated into concrete implementation plans, detailed implementation process;
3. Responsible for coordination and communication with the relevant departments and personnel.
1, computer, communication, business, Chinese, news and other related bachelor's degree, more than two years relevant work experience;
2, using a rich Internet experience, understand operational e-commerce website;
3, changes in the market highly sensitive, good at capturing the relevant information;
4, with strong writing skills and creativity and ability to execute work enthusiasm, good at working with others;
5, independent b2c mall, large Taobao website or fashion design work experience is preferred.

Six Purchasing Manager
Job Responsibilities:
1, supplier management - responsible for supplier selection, business negotiation (look for price, parity, quotes, pricing), etc., has a wealth of knowledge related products, costing, market forecasting ability and contract negotiation skills;
2, Product Management - the basis of available features and customer network sales model, is responsible for daily purchases and online sales of related products;
3, inventory management - to develop a reasonable number of purchases, to ensure the sound development of stock.
1, college degree or above; familiar with the eyewear industry, the optical industry has purchase or sale of Trader experience is preferred;
2, independent thinking, with strong innovation and implementation capacity;
3, optimism, the courage to accept the challenge, have good communication skills and team spirit;
4, skilled use of office software.

Seven, site planning
Job Responsibilities:
1, which has an independent website and the ability to function area planning, writing requirements documents, design prototypes, articulate plan intention, business logic and page flow chart;
2, a variety of needs generated by Web site operators to carry out research and analysis, and constantly optimize the product, improve stickiness and user activity.
3 Follow B2C industry developments and user experience feedback, analyze and provide response options to improve related products;
4, a unique site, user experience analysis capabilities and views, with good analytical skills, good sense of innovation.
1, college education, more than 2 years experience in Internet product or project management, at least 1 year experience in medium to large sites or e-commerce site;
2, the development of the Internet have a more keen insight, sense of innovation and strong logical thinking ability, good at thinking, analyze, summarize the pros and cons of various types of design, site development involves a variety of techniques have a basic understanding;
3, skilled use of Visio, Project, Axure and so at least one software product independently PRD documents and Demo production, there is a strong creative design concepts, strong writing skills;
4, skilled application UE practices, a deep understanding of the Internet infrastructure;.


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