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Shenzhen Donghao Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Production, sales and service in one of the private high-tech enterprises Shenzhen Donghao Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in September 22, 2015, it is a DTOL own brand of technology and trade enterprises. Shenzhen East Hao Technology Co., Ltd. is in production, sales and service in one enterprise. Major products range are: chips, 3C, electronics and other independent design and R & D, outsourcing production, branding and Direct sales; retail and other companies are all products are of DTOL brand products, including consumer electronics, computers, mobile phone accessories, software services, watches, beauty and so on.
The company's operating philosophy is "business philosophy first, with the data speak; integrity, quality; efficiency, convenience, innovation and forging ahead."

Enhanced electronic business platform in the industry's competitive advantage, narrowing the gap with international brands; and continue to promote the brand in an effort to DTOL advantage gradually extended to other categories. Form DTOL dominated, leading, mature multi-brand operating system to meet the different market segments and consumer needs of different occasions, the United States has the influence and competitiveness, international, multi-brand operations to its own brand of quality-based industrial operations group, for customers to create more and better, trustworthy and favorite products, continue to lead the market and consumer lifestyle, enhance the quality of life of consumers.


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